The Complete Wedding Package

Let The Great British Balloon Company remove some of the stress for you when planning your wedding decorations, we have put together a package to rival all others.

Unlike most other packages out there we have priced this on a per guest basis, with a minimum of sixty guests. This includes the people seated at the top table.

complete pakage

If you opt for our stress relieving package you will also benefit from the free offers that come with it.

Our new package consists of:-

•    Chair cover
•    Organza chair sash
•    Table decoration
•    Table confetti
•    Bomboniere
•    Place names
•    Seating plan
•    Top table decoration
•    Top table flower arrangement
•    Front of top table decorated

Description of each item included in our stress relieving package.

Chair covers
The chair covers are available in white or ivory ,they completely cover the chair to colour coordinate with you table linen.

Organza chair sash
As the name suggests, this is an organza sash which is tied around the chair cover, to colour coordinate with the wedding colours.

Table decoration
This is referring to the decoration for the guests tables, you have three main choices.
1.    A bouquet of five 11” helium filled latex balloons in your wedding colours, arranged at three different heights. All attached by ribbons to a frilly weight, which is then placed on a swirl of organza to match the organza chair sashes.
2.    A candelabra holding six straight taper candles standing one meter tall, decorated with either a feather boa or material. Both the candles and the decoration can be colour coordinated to match the wedding colours. This item is hired.
3.    A glass vase or bowl arrangement which can contain either flowers, candles or both. Depending on the size and shape you decide to go for. Again the vase or bowl will be placed on a swirl of organza to match the organza chair sash. This item is hired.

Table confetti
Which ever table decoration you decide to opt for, the table will be finished off with a scattering of table confetti. This can be coordinate with the wedding colours. We offer a wide selection of styles including hearts, doves, cherubs, dots or the words “just married” to name but a few.

There will be a Bomboniere placed at every place setting. Consisting of an organza pouch matching the colour of the organza chair sash, containing either five sugar almonds or five chocolates. The five almonds or chocolates symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

Place names
There will be a place name at each setting on all of the guest’s tables and the top table, to indicate were your guests should sit.

Seating plan

This will be placed at the entrance. So your guests can see which table they will be sitting on.
Both the place names and the seating plan will be decorated in keeping with the theme of your wedding and in the colours of your choice.

Top table decoration

This decoration will consist of a balloon arch, made from 11” helium filled latex balloons in the colours of your choice. Attached to a line and weighted at both ends to form the arch, then placed just behind the top table. This decoration comes free with this package.

Top table flower arrangement

This  flower arrangement will be a long and low, meaning that it is long and low. So it does not detract from the important people sitting on the top table, mainly the happy couple. It is normally placed in the middle of the table at the front edge. It will be made using flowers in keeping with your colour theme . This arrangement comes free with this package.

Front of the top table decoration

The front of the top table will be decorated using ribbon. This will be looped across the front and around the end of the table, and then finished off with some bows. All in the colours of your choice. This decoration comes free with this package.

The whole package described above is priced at just £9.50 per guest, and we are sure that as intended it will relieve quite a large part of your stress while you organise your wedding. This package will create a truly memorable occasion that will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

We pride ourselves on the friendly and helpful service we offer. So if you have any questions or you would like to book a free consultation to discuss your requirement for your special day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today