Balloon Releases

Our  expert team at The Great British Balloon Company have worked on many balloon releases for major sporting events in some of the top stadiums, such as Wembly, Millennium, Old Trafford, Murryfields to name a few. Our team will supply all the necessary expertise required.

  • Using biodegradable latex balloons       
  • Compliant with CAA
  • Offering releases from bespoke release bags such as:
    • shirts in team colours
    • football shape
    • cricket ball shape
    • rugby ball shape
    • multi – releases from 2mt. balloons
    • balloon release bags with Company Logo
    • All release bags and shapes are flame retardant

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Rugby release bag

DIY Releases

 We can also offer ‘Do it yourself “releases,where we supply:       

  • Biodegradable latex balloons                                        
  • Helium
  • Release net
  • Race tickets if required
  • Complete instructions



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